Examples throughout this guide

Your website URL: www.example.com

Your domain: example.com

Replace the example domains your real domain names.



Step 1

Subdomains for your White Label Site

Two subdomains need to be chosen for your White Label Site.  This is used to run your White Label Site under a domain of your choice for branding purposes.

Using the example domain above, choose subdomains that is available and you would like to use for your new White Label Site:

For the site, as an example gps.  This would become gps.example.com

For reports, as an example reports.  This would become reports.example.com


User Accounts for GPSengine Portal

GPSengine provides a web based Portal to manage your White Label Site.  Please provide a list of users for your organisation who you would like to have access to the Portal.  For each user please provide their:

  • Full Name
  • Email address


Step 1 – Action Items

Provide GPSengine with:

  • Your two subdomains you want to use for your White Label Site.
  • List of names and email addresses for the users you want to have access to your Portal account.


Step 2

SSL Certificate

GPSengine will confirm the received subdomains and send each user an email relating to Portal access.

GPSengine will create a new SSL certificate for your subdomain for use with your White Label Site.

The certificate process requires a representative of your organisation to authorise the certificate.  This is done via a link provided in an email sent from the certificate authority.

Once the certificate is authorised, GPSengine will be able to continue the configuration of your White Label Site.


Step 2 – Action Items

  • Authorise the creation of the SSL certificate for your subdomain, for your White Label Site.


Step 3

White Label Site Creation

GPSengine will configure your White Label Site frontend.


DNS Records

An email will be sent with instructions on two DNS records that need to be created on your domain.


Step 3 – Action Items

  • Add the DNS records to your domain.


Step 4

Add Forms To Your Website

GPSengine will email you instructions on adding a login form and a forgot password form for your website.  This will provide forms for your customers to login and use your new White Label Site.


Configure Your White Label Site Logos

Log into the Portal, and within Settings, configure your logos and branding.


Step 4 – Action Items

  • Add the White Label Site forms to your website.
  • Log into Portal and complete the branding configuration for your new White Label Site.



Customers can now login and use your new White Label Site. 🙂