The GPSengine Application Programming Interface (API)

Stewart Campbell

An API is provided allowing full use of the system, including device management, and querying most recent or date ranges of data messages for devices. The functional API is fully documented and allows for fast and easy integration into new or existing systems. With such access any manner of systems and UI (User Interface) can be created to meet specific organisation customisation and needs.

The API is implemented in the style of HTTP JSON API. Requests and parameters are passed as part of the URL or HTTP GET parameters. For methods supporting POST and PUT requests, data must be passed as JSON-serialized body of the request.

All the API methods return results in JSON-serialized form. Each API response contains field success which shows whether or not the operation was successful. For unsuccessful operations an error code is always returned in the field code of the response. Unsuccessful responses may also contain detail and msg with more information about the error.

The GPSengine REST API is served over HTTPS. For security and to ensure data privacy, unencrypted HTTP is not supported.

More details and API specific information can be found at