White Label GPS Tracking

GPSengine provides the perfect turnkey tracking service to offer your customers. We provide a website login code which your customers use to log in directly from your website, marketing material, introductions to global hardware manufacturers, complete device provisioning profiles (for supported hardware) and most importantly we support you through Second Level Support.

All you need to provide is your own domain, your own website, your logos to brand the platform, a billing platform to bill your customers and First Level Support to your customers.

  • Branded Vehicle Tracking Product

  • Portal for Administration

  • Advanced Mapping Features

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Alerts & Mapping

Advanced Mapping Features

  • Real-time vehicle/device tracking
  • Vehicle/device location displayed on maps
  • Location history and route displayed on maps
  • At least 7 years of location history
  • Street, terrain and satellite maps.

View where vehicles/devices have been, using TruePath Tracking overlaid on Google Maps.  See exactly where they have traveled, where they have stopped and what speed they have been traveling.

Advanced Reporting Features

Reports can be run on demand, or scheduled to be run automatically and emailed directly to you.

  • Activity Report
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Stops Report
  • Time on Site Report
  • Time by Place report
  • On demand and scheduled reports.

Tracking Hardware options for…

Vehicles, Equipment, Personal, Assets, Smart Devices…

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