Signup for a free trial

If you don’t have a Platform Connect account, we can provide you with a free trial account to use. Fill out the form to signup for the free trial. There are no obligations, and no credit card details required. Just a simple form to fill out.

Once GPSengine has activated your trial account, you will receive an email confirming this.

After completing your account setup, log into Connect to start using your trial account.

The quickest way to test a real device with your Platform Connect account is to install and use a mobile app. In the next steps we will add a new device and install a mobile app.

Adding your first device

  • Log into Connect
  • Click on Devices
  • Click on the Add Device button
  • Enter a name for your device (a friendly name label)
  • Select Navixy for the Make of the device
  • Select X-GPS Tracker for the device Model
  • Click Add device button

Install X-GPS Tracker onto a mobile device

  • Install the X-GPS Tracker mobile app onto an Android or iOS mobile device.
  • After the X-GPS Tracker app is successfully installed, open the app.
  • Enter the information from Connect for this new device into the X-GPS Tracker app.
  • The Unique ID for this device (from Connect, device information), needs to be entered into the app into the Device ID (iOS) / Device Identifier (Android) field.
  • The server and port number need to be entered into the Use custom server address:port (iOS) / Advanced connection settings (Android) sections of the app.
  • Server address is
  • Port number is 5017

Set tracking options in the X-GPS Tracker app

The X-GPS Tracker app supports several settings for obtaining a position. Please adjust this to:

On charging

  • Mode/Tracking precision: GPS
  • Distance: 100m
  • Time: 300 sec

On Battery

  • Mode/Tracking precision: GPS
  • Distance: 100m
  • Time: 300 sec

Save your changes. You can now use the X-GPS Tracker app as a device on your Connect Account.

View your device activity and export data

After using the app outside to make sure you have a clear signal. Access Connect and

  • Click on Devices
  • Select the new device you recently added for X-GPS Tracker
  • Click on Status to see the last 10 locations recorded by the X-GPS Tracker app
  • To view the data, this is available by clicking on Data and doing an export.

Conclusion and next steps

That completes our quick started guide to trial Platform Connect.Connect provides an easy to access UI to your Platform Connect account. In addition to Connect, a REST API is available, the API docs can be seen here.

To use the API

  • Click on Account
  • Copy your API Key
  • Using your prefered language/method for accessing and using a REST API (or you can use curl for testing), call the API methods with your API key to interact with your Platform Connect account via the API.

Have further questions?

Check out our support page for Platform Connect, for additional information and resources. If you still have further questions, you can submit a support request from within Connect when logged in, and a representative from GPSengine will assist.