About GPSengine

Delivering Comprehensive M2M Technology for more than 20 Years

We started in 2005, developing software and hardware for our own web based mapping and tracking platform. Back then, we believed we could revolutionise the GPS Tracking industry in NZ, and that’s what we did. Strategic sales and marketing goals were met and exceeded, and we were awarded an Innovation in Business Award in 2010.

GPSengine is a positive disruptive force in the vehicle tracking sector, some might even say a game changer. How else should we describe a product that is totally unique, built from the ground up and is currently transforming and optimising the way our clients track their vehicles?

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  • Free Vehicle Tracking is our free global GPS vehicle tracking service.
  • PlatformConnect is our ready to go GPS platform solution.
  • Our Hosted White Label GPS Tracking is the perfect turn-key solution.
  • Looking for a unique solution for your particular needs?