Release 2018-11-07

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.

Release 2018-11-07



  • Improvements to platform maintenance system.
  • Improvements to email system to process much larger email traffic loads with improved monitoring.
  • Some API methods adjusted to function differently when a paid plan is overdue.
  • Upgrade and improvements to background-service that processes reports and other queries for the platform.
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance window by leveraging new background-service for some maintenance tasks.
  • New GPSengine Reverse Geocoding Service. This is a major update with many enhancements over the previous service. New service utilises new algorithms for geocoding, which are faster and improve searches. Major information updates for the world wide data set.
  • New update service for reverse geocoding. Updates are polled every minute for the world data allowing the platform to take immediate advantage of world wide updates.



  • All language options now presented on first login, allowing language to be changed immediately.
  • Updates to the website.