Release 2018-09-26

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.

Release 2018-09-26



  • An improvement on handling unique devices across vendors to ensure uniqueness for each device regardless if it has same information as another device from another vendor or if it has been added in the past.
  • Updates and improvements to the GPSengine Platform maintenance/deployment system.
  • Basic TRACKbox support added, TRACKbox devices can now be added and have the data automatically sent to the GPSengine Platform from the TRACKbox platform.
  • Additional improvements to Platform Management and deployments.
  • Improvements to backups and disaster recovery for the Platform.
  • The GPSengine Platform update migration system has had a significant change to cater for large migrations and a significant speed increase to reduce downtime during maintenance updates and new releases.
  • HTML based emails added for some emails that only supported plaintext, this update also enables all the languages supported on the platform within the new HTML email system.
  • Some small bug fixes.
  • Several other small improvements and enhancements.



  • Support for TRACKbox devices.



  • The commercial inquiry form has been optimised to help guide customers in filling it out and obtaining more information from customers as to their needs.
  • Support for TRACKbox devices.
  • Prices for paid plans adjusted.
  • Updates to the website.