Release 2018-05-01

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.  The main focus of this release is the Vylio service, Google Maps and Google Street View.

Release 2018-05-01



  • Updates to the API documentation.
  • Some small bug fixes.
  • Several other small improvements and enhancements.


Vylio (Previously Free Vehicle Tracking)

  • Help links updated throughout UI.
  • New Vylio logo added to activity report.
  • Improvements to UI layout.
  • Extra help pages and documentation added for existing and upcoming Vylio features.
  • Vylio now uses Google maps as the default map provider.
  • Google Street View added to Vylio accessible through the map UI.
  • Additional updates to Vylio features in preparation for new upcoming plan features.
  • New weekly notification email to advise if any device(s) on your Vylio account, have not sent data for the previous week. This is to assist and indicate that something may be wrong with the device or device services or as a indication that the device is not configured correctly.
  • New device deactivation email provides important device information via email after a device is deactivated. Useful for security purposes and for later reference.
  • Monthly device summary report added, this report will be available in upcoming paid plans.
  • Some small bug fixes.