Release 2018-04-13

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.

Release 2018-04-13



  • New password requirements have changed to 12 characters minimum to enforce stronger passwords.  No changes for an existing customer password, you can still log in with your existing password.
  • Reports optimised to handle the much larger data stored in the platform.
  • Storage cluster has been updated for more tolerant behaviour and failover without human intervention.
  • Storage cluster communication optimised.
  • Adjustment to handle some data fields from some ATrack devices when they don’t send data as expected.
  • Several updates and improvements to our installer/maintenance system for the platform and services.
  • Faster deployments and automation for extra backups during deployment/maintenance process.
  • Improvements to the ability to recognise and process incorrect emails as well as handling bounces and rejects of emails.
  • Movement notification feature added to the API.
  • Improved queuing and processing of emails across multiple backend providers providing more redundancy and the ability to send much larger quantities of emails from the platform.
  • Weekly summary report for devices on a customer’s account added. Only for upcoming paid plans.
  • Some small bug fixes.
  • Updates to the API documentation.
  • Several other small improvements and enhancements.



  • Improved validation in forms added.


Free Vehicle Tracking

  • Improvements to UI layout.
  • Extra help links added throughout the UI.
  • Extra help pages and documentation added for exisiting and upcoming Free Vehicle Tracking features.
  • Map rotation is now disabled when playing back activity history to ensure consistency with directional arrows and map coordinates.
  • Adjustments to support new paid plans coming to Free Vehicle Tracking.
  • Fuel usage and fuel costings have been added. Only available for upcoming paid plans. Fuel cost can be set per devices. Fuel costing calculations added to reports. Supported device required.
  • Improved support for inline support system.
  • Odometer sync has been added. Only available for upcoming paid plans. Odometer can be reset and synced on a per device basis. Supported device required.
  • Accumulated engine hours has been added. Only available for upcoming paid plans. Accumulated engine hours can be reset and synced on a per device basis. Supported device required.
  • Features adjusted in the UI based on plan the customer is subscribed to.
  • New add new device wizard to help guide the customer through adding devices.
  • Email notification when a device is added with device details and checklist for reference.
  • Some small bug fixes.