Release 2017-11-29

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.

Release 2017-11-29


  • Provisioning (device management) support added for Alematics.
  • Additional device information supported for Alematics devices.
  • More information and support contact details provided when verifying accounts.
  • We now provide a more information resource for all vendors (device makers), available via the API and front end applications.
  • New Alematics models added.
  • New fifotrack models added.
  • New ATrack models added.
  • Improvements including speed improvements for the Platform maintenance system.
  • Update to the GPSengine Certificate Security Service.
  • Updates to checklists for many devices.
  • Translations for Checklists added.
  • Update to the GPSengine monitoring system.
  • Language options update for users.
  • GPSengine Connect Protocol added. A secure IoT and Tracking protocol that is easy to use, openly available, adaptable and device agnostic. Can be used to send messages from sensors, tracking devices, platforms and pretty much anything else that contains data fields related to IoT and Tracking type information.
  • Many other platform updates to the backend (behind the scenes).



  • GPSengine Connect Protocol is now available in Connect, devices using this protocol can now be added in Connect.
  • A small number of bug fixes and other enhancements were made to the Connect UI.
  • Update to the device interface for adding devices, interface is simpler and dynamic depending on which device is being added.


Free Vehicle Tracking

  • Guten Tag, German is now supported in Free Vehicle Tracking.
  • The menu can now be collapsed to gain full screen view of the map.
  • Activity for a day can now be downloaded as a CSV file. This contains detailed information on device messages for that day. This export includes all device messages for that day and all information available for that device.
  • GPSengine Connect Protocol is now available on Free Vehicle Tracking. Data from any device or service can now send data to Free Vehicle Tracking, using this easy to understand Tracking/IoT message format.
  • First time login of Free Vehicle Tracking now has a new language option to assist with changing languages right from the start.
  • Faster, Free Vehicle Tracking has had a major update using the latest web technologies to deliver a more compact application and faster interface.
  • New Free Vehicle Tracking support system has been added. Community support and guides still available and new content added all the time. Still need help, then the new support option makes it easy to send a question directly to the GPSengine Support Team.
  • Alematics range now available on Free Vehicle Tracking.
  • New ATrack models supported.
  • New fifiotrack models supported.
  • Update to device information view to display more information.
  • Hola, Spanish is now supported in Free Vehicle Tracking.
  • Map Pitch is now available, use this to gain a different map view, works across all map styles.
  • New form validation to check for more typos and errors and make entering information easier.
  • New Add New Device Form, this has been redesigned to provide an easier way to add different devices.
  • New latest maps from Mapbox.
  • Map labels now supported for English, Russian, German and Spanish.
  • Improved device message handling.
  • Improved support for small screens and mobile devices making the web version more accessible and easier to use.
  • Improvements to journeys when viewing a day’s activity catering for differences in devices and the information they provide.
  • Traffic feature is here, live traffic overlay is now available. Turn traffic on and see live traffic conditions for the roads. Subject to availability of traffic data for each region.
  • Other minor updates to the Free Vehicle Tracking UI.
  • Many other improvements behind the scenes.



  • Update to the provisioning interface to make it simpler and easier to use.
  • New Tools feature which provides an easy way to Value Added Resellers to send maintenance commands to devices, for example sending a reboot or report now command.
  • New Status feature which will show up to the last 10 messages received from a device with key information such as timestamp, speed, heading and coordinates.
  • Update to phone number handling to automatically validate numbers and remove the need for manual entry of international + symbols.
  • New validation for fields in Portal UI to assist with data entry of many devices.
  • Customer CSV export provides a detailed export for customer data, many additional fields of information are included in the export.
  • New features and updates to VAR API.