The World’s Smallest and Most Cost-efficient IoT Capable Printed Circuit Board Unveiled at the Everything IoT Summit in Sydney

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Developed by Queensland based IoT and transport intelligence company GPSengine, the world’s smallest IoT focused Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has been unveiled at the Everything IoT Summit in Sydney.

Utilising the low-cost data network, Sigfox, the new PCB, named the TRACKbox SA4, is enabling a fundamental shift in the uptake of IoT devices for industries which have previously been excluded from IoT implementation, due to the cost of scale.

Speaking at the Everything IoT Summit, CEO of GPSengine Jeremy McLean stated that companies which had previously looked at technology for monitoring low-value assets and found the options to be cost-prohibitive, now have access to a reliable and cost-efficient solution provided by the TRACKbox SA4.

“The value of goods in transit no longer matters, the process itself matters. A duty of care rests with the distributor and retailer, and we can now largely eliminate IoT implementation cost barriers for tracking items such as individual pallets in transit, or livestock which are roaming large remote farms not serviced by mobile networks, ” Mr McLean said.

The GPSengine developed TRACKbox SA4 was demonstrated paired with the company’s Augmented Reality (AR) application, which communicates with the IoT devices via PlatformConnect, the company’s existing software platform used to retrieve live IoT data. These end-to-end pairings allow 3D representations of map and asset data to be overlaid in a real-world environment, such as on a table in an office.

“The conversation has changed from tracking a $100,000 truck to now tracking a $100 pallet,” said Mr McLean. “We have been building tracking platforms for 12 years, and being able to release a cost-efficient end-to-end hardware and software solution, coupled with the next generation of Augmented Reality data visualisation tools is incredibly exciting.”

Watch a demonstration of this world-first Augmented Reality ARkit application by clicking here –

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About GPSengine

GPSengine is a Brisbane based company which develops white-label GPS tracking hardware and software, allowing companies to track and manage assets quickly and easily. Headquartered in Brisbane, CEO Mr Jeremy McLean founded GPSengine in 2005.