Release 2017-10-09

Stewart CampbellPost

The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform and services.

Release 2017-10-09


  • Updates to the platform monitoring and notification system.
  • Additional platform monitoring from more distributed locations to ensure services uptime.
  • Multiple device checklists have been added and updated.
  • Email content and information updated and improved for all services on the platform.
  • ATrack AL7 configuration profile updated due to recent units shipping with firmware that results in device functioning differently.
  • New feature, Notification system.  Channels can be set for the services, Email, IFTTT, Slack and Zapier.  Notices can be set for a device, devices, asset and assets that when an event occurs a message can be delivered by selected channel.  This allows for easy custom message handling and integration with other platforms and services when events occur trigger automated messages.
  • Updates to our security and certificate system.
  • Updates to our Platform deployment and management system.
  • Updates to our White Label management system.
  • Other various Platform updates.
  • Navixy updated to new receiver framework and the protocol is better supported by the platform.
  • Protocol information system that delivers protocol information to services updated.
  • Traccar receiver updated to support the changes recently made in the Traccar mobile app.
  • Other general Traccar receiver enhancements on message and data processing.


  • Organisation information has been added to the menu to make it easier for customers who have multiple Platform Connect accounts.
  • Bug fixed where some devices did not always display on the map as expected.

Free Vehicle Tracking

  • Bug fixed where some information for some devices was not being displayed.
  • Updates to the platform monitoring for Free Vehicle Tracking.
  • Checklists added to assist with adding or reinitialising devices.  These checklists are available in English, Russian and Ukrainian.
  • Dates added to each day in the Activity Report.
  • A detailed last seen (full date time stamp) can now be viewed by hovering the mouse over the Last Seen notice for a device.
  • Traccar mobile device app support added to Free Vehicle Tracking.  Available for iOS and Android.
  • Bug fixed for some information not always displaying when adding a new device.


  • Updates to device management and new checklists added to assist Value Added Resellers with device management.
  • A few other minor updates to the Portal.
  • Faster VAR API service delivered with offers faster connections and more scalability.
  • Organisation information has been added to the menu to make it easier for customers who have multiple Portal accounts.
  • Update to the Portal IMEI validation system for device management.
  • Bug fixed for device management in Portal.
  • Bug fixed for customer management in Portal.
  • Bug fixed for device deactivation management.
  • Updates to the platform monitoring for Portal.