GPSengine Release 2017-06-27


The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform for Platform Connect and Free Vehicle Tracking.

Release 2017-06-27


  • API docs updated.
  • Monitoring system updated.
  • Webhook feature added.
  • Improved support for status of message flags such as ignition on, ignition off.
  • Support of ATrack AP1 device added.
  • Support of ATrack AX7P device added.
  • Update to HTTPS receiver.
  • Updates to Pivotel receiver.
  • iCARvisions receiver and support for iCARvisions is now available on platform.
  • Additional device configuration such as protocol transport and acknowledgements is now supported and is now available via the API.
  • fifotrack device provisioning profiles updated.


  • Customers can now manage Webhooks for their Platform Connect account.
  • Additional device configuration information is now accessible when adding a new device and viewing a device.
  • Bug fixed where the user invite was not working.

Free Vehicle Tracking

  • fifotrack now displays its status as it is being provisioned (setup).