GPSengine Release 2017-05-16


The GPSengine team is pleased to announce updates to its Platform for Platform Connect and Free Vehicle Tracking.

Release 2017-05-16


  • Updates to the platform deployment/maintenance system.
  • Update to the GPSengine Reverse Geocoding service.
  • URL link handling across the platform (all front end services) has been improved to assist with links being used and the user needing to login (when required) and continuing on to the desired original link. Previously in some of these circumstances after a successful login the home page was displayed not the original URL.
  • Updates to Reverse Geocoding API docs.
  • Platform Security enhancements.
  • Updates to our SMS processing system.
  • Receiver cluster improvements.
  • Pivotel now supported on Platform.
  • Sigfox now supported on Platform.


  • Fix to some map styles where icon was not always displayed correctly.
  • Add new device form optimised and unnecessary fields removed to make it easier.
  • More checklists added for many vendors and models to assist in setting up a new device.

Free Vehicle Tracking

  • Bug fixed for some models not displaying in the add new device list.