Maps, maps, maps and more


We have replaced our exisiting maps with five new maps. Not because the maps needed replacing but because we wanted to offer an even greater, richer map experience with Free Vehicle Tracking.

Our new maps are:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Outdoors
  • Satellite with Streets Information
  • Streets

Overall the maps have many improvements, a few key improvements are:

  • Decrease in size and improvement in quality
  • Faster load times for map tiles
  • Maps get data updates every two minutes
  • Vibrant colours with easy to recognise features across different zoom levels
  • Clear terrain details
  • A clear but simple colour arrangement (Dark and Light maps) for different lighting conditions and ideal of in car navigation and mobile devices.

In addition to the maps, many other updates and enhancements have been rolled out:

  • Enhanced layout for activity window to work across a larger range of devices, especially catering for use on smaller screens especially when there is lots of activity to display.
  • Update to the activity report by including ignition detection (for devices that support it) along with time based stops.
  • Security updates to underlying platform.
  • Additional security checks to ensure privacy of information is always maintained.
  • Updates to platform logging and monitoring systems.
  • Additional filtering of tracking data sent from devices.  Incorrect erroneous data sent directly by devices (and out of our control) is now prefiltered and not allowed to pollute data sets for historical tracking data.
  • Update to SMS provider system to support more flexible SMS delivery paths based on phone number region and the use of multiple SMS providers for increased global coverage and redundancy.
  • New platform testing tools to auto scan development changes and ensure changes meet a high level of testing before reaching production.
  • The map selection feature has been reduced, this increases the available screen space to display map content, especially on smaller mobile screen sizes.

If you have not seen our new maps, log into your Free Vehicle Tracking account today and check them out.(