New IoT Platform service tracks large fleets for small costs


GPSengine have announced the release of their new IoT Platform Service “Platform Connect”. Designed for enterprise level businesses to connect large scale fleets to an intelligent IoT platform, to store and query vehicle location and usage data with ease. GPSengine CEO, Jeremy McLean says, “Platform Connect means that in most cases, eighty percent of the work is already done for you. You simply install tracking devices in your vehicles, build the UI that suits your needs and let Platform Connect collect all of the data, or alternatively grab the data using our API, and use in your existing software”.

McLean says that companies that are currently paying around $30 per month per vehicle could see that figure drop to $30 a year by utilising Platform Connect. “You only pay for what you use and there is no need to pay for a front end if it’s not required, which means you can track huge fleets for a fraction of the cost of other products. We’re taking telemetry to the next level. Platform Connect enables merging of telemetry and IoT and promotes rapid development timeframes for our users.”

Platform Connect developer GPSengine, has been working with and talking to vehicle lease companies, rental car companies, and SaaS Providers/developers providing them with tracking solutions for over ten years. Platform Connect is the result of more than a year’s intensive research and development. Users can develop a software application using Platform Connect, which automatically updates all the data that matters. It’s easy to implement and entirely scalable, and customers can be up and running quickly.

McLean contends that no other platform service provides support for the number of devices that Platform Connect does. Platform Connect offers the flexibility of utilising the most suitable device for specific fleet tracking needs. Plus he guarantees ongoing support for this product and says it will continue to grow, hoping it will become the new model for large scale fleet tracking.

Platform Connect is device agnostic, and currently provides support for devices from many vendors including:

  • ATrack
  • CalAmp
  • Navixy
  • Nyitech
  • Sinocastel
  • Systech
  • Xirgo

GPSengine provides access to their receivers and back end infrastructure via an administration portal, as well as communication via an Application Programmable Interface (API). McLean believes there isn’t another IoT platform that matches Platform Connect for simplicity. “If your software is the brain, then this is the heart – the pump that keeps it running.”

To see an example of what can be built using Platform Connect, go to

Based in Brisbane, Australia, GPSengine is a white label IoT platform provider, specialising in vehicle tracking. Recognised globally for innovation and quality, the GPSengine platform is the result of more than 10 years working in the telematics space. Since 2014 their primary focus has been the development and support of an easy-to-skin, customisable white label GPS tracking platform, as well as seamless integration of supporting hardware. This combination means GPSengine delivers a comprehensive M2M technology enabling companies to connect and monitor assets with confidence. (

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