Major Updates to Free Vehicle Tracking and Platform Connect


We have just completed the roll out of a load of new features and bug fixes to Free Vehicle Tracking and the backend platform. We have also released two new products, Platform Connect ( and Scan. We have a separate press release for Platform Connect coming over the next few days.


  • Update to all forms to use improved and more secure form system
  • Update to battery levels to use more fine grained data from platform
  • Fix to incorrect date display on Activity Report
  • Safari is now supported with form login
  • New support link added for quick access to Free Vehicle Tracking support forums
  • Fix to login on mobile browsers
  • Enhanced support for linking devices to users


  • New hosted form system to allow form hosting on GPSengine and by implemented on third party websites
  • Improved cross browser support especially Safari
  • Improved cross domain support
  • Improved whitelisting and security for forms and frontend projects using the Platform
  • New FTP sync for deployments and regular syncing for FTP data across FTP servers in platform
  • Added favicon for branding to public API pages and to the API docs
  • Update to tracking data field storage
  • Fix to the ways some devices were linked to Free Vehicle Tracking accounts
  • Improved method to link devices to users to support very large numbers of devices and assets
  • Fix to inserting tracking records into platform
  • New API docs is now available
  • Additional checks are made to make sure each device and its identifiers are absolutely unique
  • Update to device support and device reference system
  • Update to inserting tracking records to support multiple records for the same second
  • Added support for receiver only protocol and device support
  • New UDP receiver support to support UDP
  • Added support to Calamp devices
  • Added support for Navixy mobile apps iOS and Android
  • Added support for Systech devices
  • Added support for Xirgo devices
  • Improved battery level collection and implement new universal 0-100 scale for battery levels available via API
  • Update to storage systems
  • Update to our deployment and maintenance system
  • Fix to some tracking data showing ignition as off
  • Updating to logging system for improved log collection


  • Implement a dashboard to display total and project stats
  • Add Platform Connect customers to admin to add and manage Platform Connect customers including contacts, licenses, devices, assets and API keys
  • Added timezone selector to apply selected timezone to all displays including data exports (csv, pdf)
  • Update to device management and flags, such as managed by platform, receiver only devices
  • Send SMS feature with logs for status and device responses
  • Update to Admin forms for devices
  • Fix to logout URL redirection
  • Added form feedback to login form
  • Update to user forms
  • Feature to add users to account, such as adding a user, new or existing to a Platform Connect customer account.


  • Fix for memory usage consumption when run for long periods scanning devices
  • Scan project now uses and enforces SSL by default