Major Update to Free Vehicle Tracking


Tonight, 16th Feb, we have released a major update to Free Vehicle Tracking, our consumer vehicle tracking platform.

The ‘Activity Report’ and ‘History Displayed on the Map’ features will ensure that you are completely informed about the activity of your vehicles.

The report will summarise the locations that your vehicles have been to throughout the week. The history displayed on the map will show you:
– the routes taken by your vehicles
– total distance travelled
– the speed of your vehicles
If you are a current user of Free Vehicle Tracking, log into your account to check them out for yourself.

A complete overview of the updates as follows:

  • Speed improvements to obtaining the week of vehicle data for Free Vehicle Tracking devices.
  • Improved battery identification, battery level collection from device and live display of battery status.
  • Update to configuration of ATrack AX devices for improved support.
  • New vehicle status indicators to provide a cleaner more modern look.
  • Map scale added, auto displays appropriate scale based on the current map zoom level.
  • New Settings area allowing for custom display of 12 or 24 hour time preference and speed unit in km/h or mph.
  • New profile and Language layout for easier navigation and look.
  • Out dated information display, now if data is old due to a tracking device not able to report in, the information is greyed out to make it clear that the information is not recent and may not be accurate. This will automatically return to a normal display as soon as the device is able to connect again and send updated information. Example, device loses connectivity while travelling, after a period of time the previous moving data display of speed and direction is not going to be accurate. This might be showing a particular direction at 75km/h, as this is not accurate anymore based on the time that has passed and no new updates received, the information is greyed out until new updated data is received.
  • Updated theme, new look and feel throughout the site, cleaner finishes, updated fonts to support our multi-lingual users.
  • Device information has been updated for easier navigation and updates.
  • Device view has been updated for more modern cleaner look and interaction.
  • Better web browser support. More web browsers are now supported to ensure users can access the site on a greater range of web browsers and devices.
  • Updates to site for using on tablets and larger screen smartphones.
  • Security updates.
  • Updates to display of devices while setting up/provisioning to provide a cleaner easier to view experience.
  • Updates to detection of certain vehicles and devices and recording ignition on and ignition off events.
  • Updates to user accounts when logged in for better support with some devices going into sleep and power saving states and affecting the applications in the web browser.
  • Further updates to Russian translation.
  • New Activity feature. Ability to select a device and view the last seven (7) days history including daily totals, graph of daily journey times and speed, and each journey displayed with stats.
  • Daily PDF report feature to generate a PDF report of the day’s activity.
  • Full day’s activity history displayed on map.
  • Individual journey display on map, click on a journey and that individual journey will be displayed.
  • Journey details for each point and the auto loading of these based on the user’s zoom level. The greater the zoomed in level the more detailed information, important to provide a seamless experience without clutter on the map. Each point shows direction, and is colour coded for towing, ignition on and speeding for quick visual information and identification.
  • Individual point details for a journey. This allows for more detailed information for a specific point, on the map within a journey. When the marker is clicked, a small window displays the date and time this occurred, speed and the address is also displayed.
  • Performance improvements.