Free Vehicle Tracking Launched


GPSengine have proudly released their new consumer vehicle tracking platform (front end), that can be used for free by anyone, to track their personal vehicles. Free Vehicle Tracking ( is a global product is already being used in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and is currently being tested in Taiwan and Russia.

Users can add up to five devices per account, and vehicle history is kept for 7 days.

We have been working with hardware manufactures, and reseller networks around the world to ensure hardware is easily available to users, and devices are simple to set up on the platform.

There are additional features that will be rolled out, including history displayed on the map, and a daily activity report. Following that, IOS and Android apps.

This is the first of many new products built on our new VTS Platform, a vehicle tracking “middleware” platform designed for large scalability, while being economical to run.

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